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A Marketplace Designed to Enable Drug Sponsors to Find and Engage Experts, Easily and Compliantly
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Independent Consultants join the platform, selecting from a curated set of skills relevant to Life Science R&D


Sponsors create projects, indicating what roles and skills are needed to get the project done


Our algorithm matches consultants and sponsors, and the platform shepherds each side through this discovery phase


We take care of the paperwork and payments, opening access to an expanded talent pool of experts

82% Independent Consultants prefer part-time work
73% Independent Consultants dislike admin activities
73% Independent Consultants prefer short term projects
100% Hiring Managers consider consultants difficult to find

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Sheila Mahoney

Founder & CEO

Sheila has worked as a driving force of innovation and change in both regulatory and clinical affairs, operations and information management for over 20 years. Sheila has a BA in Environmental Studies from Smith College and an Executive MBA from Columbia University. “Sponsors, vendors and CROs have long been dependent on highly skilled temporary resources. It is impossible to function in this space with a permanent bench, sufficient to cover the constant fluctuations of operations throughout clinical research. LifeSciHub helps bench management by connecting top Independent Consults with the projects that need them .”
Robert De Vivo

Paul Murcott

Chief Operating Officer

Paul Murcott is a highly skilled software and technology leader who has a proven track record creating systems from concept through delivery. Paul has been operating at the intersection of innovation, technology and business for more than 20 years, developing products based on a keen understanding of user delight, business requirements and market need.
Marion McGovern

Marion McGovern


Marion McGovern was a pioneering entrepreneur in the gig economy well before the term was coined. In 1988, Marion founded M2 Consulting Inc. and grew it to a national enterprise, becoming one of the first firms in the country to serve the virtual management marketplace. In 1995, Marion founded Collabrus to manage the compliance issues surrounding independent consultants and contractors. Along with serving as an advisor and board member for a variety of organizations, Marion has written 2 books on the world of work: Thriving in the Gig Economy ( 2017) and A New Brand of Expertise. (2001).

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