“Future of Work” Conference: SIA’s Collaboration in the Gig Economy

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September 10, 2019LifeSciHub, an online resource community marketplace designed for life sciences R&D, today attends Staffing Industry Analyst’s 3rd Annual Collaboration in the Gig Economy (CEG) conference in San Diego, CA. 

Collaboration in the Gig Economy is comprised of enterprise human resource, talent management and HR procurement professionals and service providers from across all major sectors of the US labor force, brought together to discuss the impact of the “gig economy” on traditional methods of talent management and staffing. 

Sheila Mahoney-Jewels, Founder and CEO of LifeSciHub commented, “As a clinical research subject matter expert, it is fascinating to take such a deep dive into the world of HR and procurement.  The attendee list reads like a who’s who in the world of talent management.  Not only is it an honor to be in such exalted company, it is incredible to behold an entire industry pivoting so radically due to the impact of technical innovation.” 

Barry Asin, President of SIA, remarked in his keynote, “Online resource marketplace technology is a massive disruption that isn’t in the distant future anymore. It is right here, hovering over us.  There is no question that the technology is vastly superior to traditional talent approaches. Ignore it at your peril.”

Ms. Jewels founded and currently leads LifeSciHub. Leveraging her experience building companies, teams and technology-enabled solutions, she is transforming operations by introducing an entirely new way to manage the permanent unpredictability of drug development.  Her vision for a life sciences-specific online marketplace for skilled independent resources formally brings the tech-enabled “gig economy” value to the industry.

Sheila Jewels added, “It was stunning to hear the President of SIA say that. The feeling in the room ranged from cautious optimism (on the part of the enterprise buyers) and defiant skepticism (most, but not all, staffing firms present).”  She added, “Other verticals are far more mature, regarding use of online marketplaces, than life sciences.  This conference is an excellent opportunity to absorb lessons learned and leapfrog LifeSciHub’s user requirements accordingly.”

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LifeSciHub is an online resource marketplace for life sciences research and development. LifeSciHub revolutionizes the process of getting the right resource, at the right time, for the right duration, at the right price. LifeSciHub delivers greater immediate and obvious value to the demand side (SME hiring managers, HR and procurement) and the supply side (contractors and independent consultants) compared to traditional hiring practices. Visit us at www.LifeSciHub.com.