LifeSciHub Joins Policy Efforts with Marketplace Industry Association

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December 16, 2019LifeSciHub, an online resource community marketplace designed for life sciences R&D, today announced that it has joined the Marketplace Industry Association. 

The Marketplace Industry Association is organizing the marketplace ecosystem to, among other things, come up with a solution to AB5[1], to work together to build marketplace businesses, and to grow the independent workforce while improving conditions for workers and benefiting industry.

Sheila Mahoney-Jewels, Founder and CEO of LifeSciHub commented, “Collaboration always creates more value than working alone, so it makes sense to come together around the issue of AB5.  We are excited to add LifeSciHub’s voice to the discussion in Sacramento, so that lawmakers can see that, though not a union or other traditional worker support structure, there are some remarkable benefits and values created by marketplaces.”

Jeremy Gottschalk, founder of Marketplace Risk and one of the world’s leading experts on the topic, said, “For the benefit of workers in California and across the country, and for the benefit of an entire industry, it is incumbent upon marketplaces to unite to fix AB5 in a way that enables marketplaces to thrive and workers to be protected.  We are excited to welcome LifeSciHub to the effort.”

Ms. Mahoney founded and currently leads LifeSciHub. Leveraging her experience building companies, teams and technology-enabled solutions, she is transforming current recruiting and hiring practices in Life Sciences R&D. Her vision for a Life Sciences specific online marketplace for skilled independent resources formally brings “gig economy” value to the industry by connecting hiring organizations and independent consultants.

She added, “joining the Marketplace Industry Association is only the start of LifeSciHub’s policy advocacy.  At present there is a patchwork of often-contradictory state and federal regulations that are woefully antiquated relative to the state of business and technology in 2020.  It is encouraging that so many stakeholders agree that change is needed, and yet the pace of reform is glacial.  We are really looking forward to adding LifeSciHub and Marketplace Industry Association’s voices to the growing chorus for innovation.”

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