Sheila Mahoney

Administrative Manager

Like most LifeSciHub Community Members, Sheila has over 25 years of experience in life sciences R&D. Originally in Regulatory Operations at various drug sponsors and vendors, Sheila became an independent expert small business in 2014. In addition to independent consulting, Sheila is LifeSciHub’s creator, Administrative Manager, and is spearheading LifeSciHub’s goal to become a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Sheila is committed to helping drug sponsors achieve greater agility and resilience via via strategic, “Future of Work” use of non-FTEs.

The LifeSciHub Small/Micro-Business Community

The LifeSciHub Community is comprised of independent expert small, micro businesses. These experts have intentionally decoupled from the corporate ladder, usually at the Director or VP level, in order to practice their expertise as small, independent businesses. The range of expertise is vast- every aspect of drug development requires highly specialized skills, and the LifeSciHub small business community has them in abundance: biometrics, clinical operations, patient engagement, produce launch, CMC, supply chain, clinical contracts, regulatory, pharmacovigilance, computational drug modeling and simulation, RWE, HEOR, medical writing, eTMF. Some “solopreneurs” seeing process or technology gaps, have even created software products to further expedite innovation.
Marion McGovern

Marion McGovern


Marion McGovern was a pioneering entrepreneur in the gig economy well before the term was coined. In 1988, Marion founded M2 Consulting Inc. and grew it to a national enterprise, becoming one of the first firms in the country to serve the virtual management marketplace. In 1995, Marion founded Collabrus to manage the compliance issues surrounding independent consultants and contractors. Along with serving as an advisor and board member for a variety of organizations, Marion has written 2 books on the world of work: Thriving in the Gig Economy ( 2017) and A New Brand of Expertise. (2001).


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