LifeSciHub Services for Small Business Drug Development Experts

Why Join a Strategic Subcontracting Community?

Don’t enjoy contracts, invoicing and chasing payments? See: Business Administration Services

Grow revenue beyond your billable hour with the LifeSciHub Connector Model

Business Development Coaching and Best Practices

Radically Transparent, Strategic Subcontracting

Small Business Challenges

  • Inability to establish a services contract with a drug sponsor directly, due to their preference for working with large suppliers
  • Subcontracting through one or more middlemen- who have the contracts in place- resulting in high, usually unknown mark ups.

LifeSciHub Solutions

  • Know exactly what drug sponsors are really paying for your expertise!
  • Get more projects via the LifeSciHub “Channel”: one Master Services Agreement giving transparent access to the entire small business community

Business Administration is a Necessary Evil, Not a Competitive Advantage

Don’t enjoy invoicing and chasing payments?

Dread dealing with contracts?

Wish you had a secretary but not ready to hire one full time, or train someone?

Don’t build it! Utilize what already exists: LifeSciHub

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“I’m a PhD with 25 years of experience in drug development. I want to practice my craft, not get buried in paperwork! I love how the money just shows up in my bank account and I don’t have to do anything other than track my time- LifeSciHub does all the busywork for me”

-Elizabeth A, Clinical Development Expert

Earn Beyond your Billable Hour: The LifeSciHub Connector Model

Small businesses hear it from their drug sponsor clients all the time: “Do you know someone who does…? Do you know anyone good at …?”

As a LifeSciHub Connector you can earn revenue off of these “Demand” opportunities without impacting your own area of subject matter expertise or Brand.

When you “Connect” LifeSciHub to Demand, you lose nothing, but gain passive revenue streams.

“As an independent Medical and Regulatory Writer I get asked by my drug sponsor clients all the time for other good experts. Last year I ‘Connected’ LifeSciHub to one of my clients, who promptly engaged a biostatistician, 2 statistical programmers and a data manager. I earn revenue not only on those engagements, but anything else LifeSciHub does for that drug sponsor.”

-Meredith N, Regulatory Writer

LifeSciHub Business Development Support for Small Business

LifeSciHub is dedicated to small business revenue generation, because we believe the highest quality of drug development expertise and innovation is found in the Small Business Community.


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