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  • Strategy and Management Consultant, Data and AI

    Manjula Kasoji

    15 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research, Research & Development
    Data StrategyLife Science ITProgram/Project Mgmt Life Sciences ITProject management AIData scienceData visualization
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    15 years experience in strategy and management consulting and leadershipExperience in data science and AI strategy, transformation and roadmap developmentExperience in providing strategic direction and leading technology delivery programsExperience leading funding proposal efforts with a portfolio estimate of up to $150 millionExperience in strategy and planning, governance, developing and maintaining relationships with team, stakeholders and clientsExperience managing teams (data science, program managers, software engineers)Experience hiring and leading teams, including remote, distributed teams and vendors

  • Project Leader

    Gergely Balint

    25 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research, Research & Development
    Project/program leadership Clinical OperationsCMCDeviceMarket StrategyProject managementRegulatoryResearch and Development Advisory CommitteeAlliance ManagementAutoimmune diseaseBfArMBiologicBudget planning & managementChange controlClinicalClinical development planClinical OperationsClinical Program ManagementCNSDue DilligenceFDALifecycle managementMarket landscape / opportunityPulmonary diseasesRare diseasesRegulatory Affairs and StrategyRheumatologyRisk Managementsubmission planning and trackingsubmission readiness
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    Highly accomplished leader of pharmaceutical industry with wide range of experience in project and organizational leadership. 20+ years of international drug development expertise coupled with strategic, operational and management experience.

    ◄ Core competencies include ► ★ In-depth Biopharmaceutical Industry Experience ★ Extensive Drug Development/Life Cycle Management ★ Product Development Plan Creation & Prioritization ★ Hands on Project & Program Leadership ★ US, EU, & International Experience ★ Strategic Alliance Experience

    ◄ Key Accomplishments ► ★ Developed asset for Phase…

  • Preclinical Safety Assessment Scientist and Project Manager

    Caroline Bell, PhD

    30 years of experience 2 projects USA Market Research, Research & Development
    Project management Drug SafetyPharmacodynamicsPharmacologyPreclinicalProject managementToxicology
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    Preclinical Safety Assessment Scientist and Project Manager with 30+ years of Medical University and Global Pharmaceutical industry experience. Specializing in Toxicology and Core Safety Pharmacology studies, Pharmacodynamics/Pharmacokinetics/Metabolism, IND-enabling Services, Proof of Concept and Candidate Selection, Strategic Program Management, Investigative and Regulatory Cardiovascular and Renal Safety Pharmacology, CRO Selection, Audit and Monitoring, Preclinical Safety Assessment, Market Analysis, Business Opportunity Assessment and Safety Pharmacology Training Workshops. Expert in strategic planning of preclinical drug development programs, protocol design to provide…

  • Dr

    Lisa Kent

    4 years of experience 0 projects UK Market Research
    Content analysis / qualitative note takingGlobal researchMarket StrategyMaterials developmentModerating / interviewingProject managementQualitative analysis and report writingQualitative ResearchQuantitative analysis and report writing Autoimmune diseaseConcept testingDiabetesMarket landscape / opportunityMessage testingOncologyPatient journey studiesPayer researchPowerPoint DesignProduct / brand positioningRare diseasesStrategic MarketingUrologic healthVaccines
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    Independent life sciences strategy consultant and project manager (PM) with over four years of experience working in brand strategy, launch planning, market research, and competitive intelligence (CI)  

    Previously managed ~£0.65M project informing strategy and insights for top 3 pharma and market-leading oncology companion diagnostics (CDx) provider; won ~£0.2M in ad-hoc sales over seven-month period as PM

    Previously Chief Executive Officer of University of Cambridge-initiated sustainability-focused start-up

  • Commercial Strategy Professional

    Nadine C

    16 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research
    BrandingFieldwork coordinationMarket StrategyModerating / interviewingProject managementQualitative analysis and report writing Collateral MaterialConcept testingCorporate BrandingDetail / visual aid testingGastroenterologyMessage testingOncologyPatient journey studiesProduct / brand positioningPulmonary diseasesRare diseasesSegmentationStrategic MarketingWebsite Development
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    Highly strategic, creative and agile biopharmaceutical marketing leader with exceptional expertise and passion in helping companies create, launch, and optimize best-in-class brands.  Strong reputation for driving positive awareness and advocacy; delivering outstanding products, services, and experiences; while improving access and adherence to shape the future of patient outcomes.  Proven track record in developing and executing insights-driven, multi-channel launch strategies that grow market share, exceed revenue goals, and maximize pipeline value. Demonstrated ability to influence cross-functional and external teams at…

  • Report writer, analyst

    Patricia Kaiser

    22 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research
    Pharmaceutical marketing research in multiple therapy areas; recent experience in consumer product research Content analysis / qualitative note takingQualitative analysis and report writing Concept testingDetail / visual aid testingMarket landscape / opportunity
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    I have worked in qualitative pharmaceutical marketing research for more than 20 years and written reports for a broad range of therapy areas, including oncology, respiratory, nephrology, cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, endocrinology and neurology. The reports have covered concept and message testing, KOL research, detail aid testing, opportunity assessments, payer research and positioning research.

    I also have experience with consumer product research, including concept and packaging research for personal hygiene products and household cleansers.

    I am comfortable working with audio/video…

  • Communications Project Manager

    Carrie Leonard

    10 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research, Research & Development
    Project management Project management
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    General Manager and Visionary Pace-Setter with progressive experience delivering incredible growth results for companies ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to global Fortune 500 enterprises. Careerlong record of success launching new products, crafting compelling brand stories, building best-inclass business development functions, innovating new marketing and sales vehicles, and facilitating multimillion-dollar M&A transitions and exits. Incredibly diverse career includes both senior marketing and sales experience at life sciences, technology, financial services, luxury, and major media companies.

  • Science, Business and Patient Outcomes Expert

    Chirag Kariya, PhD

    15 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research, Research & Development
    Clinical OperationsCommercialMarket StrategyMedical AffairsModerating / interviewingPharmbio Start UpProject managementRecruiting AdministrativeAlliance ManagementBiopharm Start UpBudget planning & managementBusiness IntelligenceClinicalClinical contractsClinical development planClinical OperationsClinical Program ManagementClinical Trial ManagementCorporateDue DilligenceKOL LiaisonMarket researchMedical AffairsNonclinicalOncologyPre-INDShared Investigator PlatformSmall pharma experienceToxicologyVendor oversight and managementWomen's health
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    Life sciences professional with an entrepreneurial mindset and experience in supporting scientific and business needs. Experience in managing preclinical and clinical drug development programs. Demonstrated strength in proactively identifying business opportunities and facilitating strategic partnerships and collaborations with stakeholders in the industry, academia, and government. Adept at implementing business strategies, conducting due diligence, and developing solutions to resolve challenges. Passionate about working at the intersection of science and business to improve patient outcomes.

  • Study Start Up Expert

    Swadesh Sharma

    25 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research, Research & Development
    Clinical OperationsLife Sciences IT Clinical OperationsClinical Trial ManagementFeasibilityLife Sciences ITMonitoringRegulatoryScreeningStudy start up
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    A proven operational leader who offers a record of success in introducing strategies that drive growth, define short-and  long-term  strategic  vision,  and  create  a  positive  company image.  Builds productive internal and external relationships to advance corporate revenue  achievements,  while delivering significant time  and cost savings. Hires, trains, mentors, and leads teams across multiple disciplines.

  • Scientific Linguist

    Pamela Batzel

    26 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research
    Linguistics / Discourse AnalysisQualitative ResearchSocial Media (Collection & Analysis) Content analysis / qualitative note takingEmotional, projective, and behavioral researchMaterials developmentProject managementProposal writingQualitative analysis and report writingQualitative Research Autoimmune diseaseCardiovascular diseaseConcept testingDermatologyDiabetesGastroenterologyMarket landscape / opportunityMessage testingOncologyPain managementPatient journey studiesPatient type developmentRare diseasesReproductive health
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    Therapeutic Categories Experience


    ·         Autoimmune and immune diseases; Solid and blood tumors; Infectious diseases; Metabolic disorders; Neurocognitive and Neurodegenerative diseases; Mental Health; Rare diseases; Women and Men’s Health


    Study Types

    ·         Archetyping and segmentation; Journey; Landscape analysis; Patient Experience; Positioning; Message Development; Message testing


    Analytic Tools

    ·         Language Analysis (Discourse, Rhetorics, Linguistics)

  • Independent Market Researcher

    Wendy Banker

    18 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research
    QualitativeQuantitativeReport writingStrategic Healthcare Market Research and Scientific PublicationsVisualization BrandingEmotional, projective, and behavioral researchFull serviceMarket StrategyMaterials developmentQualitative analysis and report writingQuantitative analysis and report writingVisual Strategy & Design Concept testingDetail / visual aid testingMarket landscape / opportunityMessage testingPatient journey studiesPowerPoint DesignReproductive healthSegmentationStrategic Marketing
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    Wendy is a results-oriented professional with nearly 20 years of market research and outcomes experience in the healthcare industry. Quantitatively, she has successfully executed numerous new product development, segmentation, and message testing studies. Qualitatively, she has moderated thousands of interviews among healthcare providers, hospital staff, patients, and their caregivers. Her direct, yet caring and approachable moderating style has successfully uncovered meaningful insights, even during interviews that are highly sensitive in nature.  


  • Lauren Quast- HE

    0 years of experience 0 projects Market Research
    Qualitative analysis and report writing Gastroenterology
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    reporting needed approximate late march, see specs below 


    The study is on Gastroparesis – among HCP (n20) and Patients (n20) US based only, 60-minute WATIs.  Basically, the objectives are more foundational understanding of the care path and disease state from both perspectives.  We would provide a Notes Grid for you as well on the interviews. Our reporting would need to be in PPT, use of icons/formatting to make the report engaging.

  • Lauren Quast- HE

    0 years of experience 0 projects Market Research
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Market Research Field & Project Management

    Suzanne Staudt

    6 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research
    Medical Devicepatient and healthcare professional domestic and global primary market researchPharmaceutical & Healthcare Content analysis / qualitative note takingFieldwork coordinationProject managementQualitative analysis and report writingRecruiting Cardiovascular diseaseConcept testingCorporate BrandingDermatologyDetail / visual aid testingDiabetesGastroenterologyLogo DesignMarket landscape / opportunityMedical device testingMessage testingOncologyPain managementPatient journey studiesPatient type developmentPayer researchProduct / brand positioningPulmonary diseasesSegmentation
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    Hi, I’m Suzanne! An accomplished market research professional with experience executing global & domestic projects with patients and healthcare professionals.  Utilizing well-honed interpersonal communication skills, I am adept at interacting with Team members across all levels of an organization and fostering relationships with clients and vendors. Track record of thinking outside-the-box and two steps ahead providing research solutions in an array of healthcare research markets.  I enjoy being part of a team and contributing to…

  • Innovation | New Product Planning

    David Brussee

    30 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research, Research & Development
    New Product Planning BrandingCommercialDeviceGlobal researchMarket StrategyProject managementQualitative analysis and report writing Alliance ManagementBusiness IntelligenceBusiness Process AnalysisClaims analysisCMOCommercialDermatologyDevelopmentImmunologyInfectious diseaseMarket landscape / opportunityMarket researchMedical DeviceProduct / brand positioningProject managementPublicationsPulmonary/respiratorySmall pharma experienceStrategic MarketingTraining developmentTraining execution/managementWomen's health
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    Dave Brussee has held leadership roles across the commercial continuum — everything from Sales & Sales Management, Brand Management, Alliance Management and Innovation /New Products Marketing.  He has worked in smaller, but fully integrated operations that have challenged him to wear many hats rather than build a career around one slice of commercialization.  Dave has experience in multiple industries (pharma, med device, nutrition), multiple markets / disease states (dermatology, infectious disease, respiratory disease, incontinence and aging), and global markets including…

  • Ph.D. Program

    Catalina Buttz

    15 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research
    Competitive IntelligenceInnovationIP strategyPortfolio ManagementStrategy Content analysis / qualitative note takingGlobal researchHigh level statistical analysisMarket StrategyMaterials developmentModerating / interviewingProject managementProposal writingQualitative analysis and report writingQuantitative analysis and report writing Annual Report DesignAutoimmune diseaseCollateral MaterialGastroenterologyMarket landscape / opportunityOncologyPain managementPatient journey studiesPayer researchPowerPoint DesignProduct / brand positioningPulmonary diseasesRare diseasesReproductive healthSegmentationStrategic Marketing
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    I’m a life science professional dedicated to advancing innovation that improves and saves the lives of those we love.

  • LifeSciHub, LLC

    0 years of experience 0 projects Market Research, Research & Development
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    CPO duties

  • President

    John Robinson

    23 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research
    Payer research focusing on key P&T decision makers at US insurance companies/PBMs and hospital purchase decision makers Full serviceMarket StrategyModerating / interviewing Market landscape / opportunityMedical device testingMessage testingPayer researchRare diseasesStrategic MarketingVaccines
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    Our clients are typically marketing research firms or consulting agencies to augment their capabilities to include payer service offerings. Currently serving multiple US, EU and Asian marketing research organizations and consultancies. New product indication prioritization including sequencing of indications to best leverage access for treatments of rare/orphan diseases. How new hospital-based treatments/products can pass through and have better access vs. competition. This also includes gaining approval for products used in the hospital or at ambulatory surgery centers, infusion centers or…
  • C-Suite Marketing Executive

    Tina Georgeou

    30 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research
    Patient engagement BrandingMarket Strategy Strategic Marketing
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    I am a  senior corporate executive with top management success growing profitable businesses.  As Head of Marketing for Weill Cornell Medicine from 2014 to 2018, I supported the expansion of the physician network during the acquisition of outside medical practices, resulting in +40% increases in patient counts over a 2-year period.  I also led the digital transformation of patient visit and review data, resulting in double-digit increases in web traffic and…

  • Dr.

    Brian Panik

    15 years of experience 0 projects USA Market Research, Research & Development
    BiometricsClinical AffairsClinical OperationsDeviceLife Sciences ITQualitative analysis and report writingQuantitative analysis and report writingSafety & Pharmacovigilance Argus/OracleClinical documentationClinical Evaluation ReportsDrug SafetyMedDRAMedDRA codingMedical DeviceMedical device testingPSUR - Periodic Safety Update ReportingRisk ManagementSignal Detection
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