Dream, Do, Dare: Using Brand Mission to Drive Market Opportunity


Delivering on your mission as a recipe for success seems obvious. With competing priorities from internal and external stakeholders, however, it isn’t always easy. This webinar will examine how a focus on mission—and using it to “dream, do, and dare”—can drive brands to be perceived as peerless and priceless.

Columbia Business School adjunct professor JP Kuehlwein and his co-author Wolf Schaefer call such successes “Ueber-Brands”—brands that rise above utility and value and accrue meaning beyond the material. In this webinar, they will join leaders from celebrated brands like Ben & Jerry’s to discuss how their brands have ventured to “dream, do, and dare” on important efforts such as sustainability, social justice, and inclusion.


DEBRA GOETZ ’93 – Head of Brand Marketing | Nextdoor
DAVE RAPAPORT – Global Social Mission Officer | Ben & Jerry’s
WOLF SCHAEFER – Founder and CEO | Zwoelf Consulting
TOM SZAKY – Founder and CEO | TerraCycle

JP KUEHLWEIN – Adjunct Assistant Professor | Columbia Business School

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