InnoVEX Online Seminar: 【Technology・Startups・Post-COVID-19 How Does It All Fit Together?】


In response to the Pandemic of COVID-19, Taiwan has utilized its advanced deployment policies with relevant measures and technology applications, which have helped Taiwan to be acknowledged and to receive more recognition within the global platform. Thus, under the lead of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), InnoVEX of Taipei Computer Association (TCA) alongside with the Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association (CIECA) would like to connect our international partners across the world with Taiwan’s health/ biotech startups, medical experts; to share, exchange, and discuss potential partnership or cooperation in the near post-age of COVID-19, but also more importantly turning them into true business opportunities.

We are delighted to have invited the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) to welcome invited experts to share their expertise, and also related tech-startups under the topic of healthcare / biotech to present their innovation.

Panel Speakers:

1. Dr. Joses Hsiung, CEO of Winnoz Technology

2. Dr. Yi-Keng Fu, Manager of Industrial Technology Research Institute

Startup Presentation

1. Heroic-Faith

2. Ganzin


4. Unique Biotechnology

*Panel speakers and Startups will be updated as they are being confirmed.

This webinar sincerely welcomes professionals of the below sectors to join:

 ICT industry

 Healthcare / Biotech

 Investors

 Government departments

 Tech-Startups

 Press Media

 And any other related sectors who may utilize these technologies.

Please note:

1. Admission will be reviewed, successful candidates will receive a web link to the webinar platform via email.

2. Please note that the organizers reserve the right of admission of the listed webinar.