Keys for Business: Money, Marketing, and Profitability Summit


Thank you LifeSciHub member Tim Mikhelashvili for this great event announcement, and looking forward to you presenting on Profit: Resolving Conflicts and Finding Healthy Resolutions. As doctors, scientists and otherwise highly skilled technical people, “business” as a topic unto itself may not have been of great interest to us, until we became business owners ourselves. As such, it’s always great to find inspiration from other leaders, and this event has abundant topics and resources!

Are You Tired of Getting Business Advice That Just Doesn’t Work?

How would your business change if you were no longer stuck in the same place? How would it change if you had a clear path forward to money, marketing, and profitability?

Find solutions, learn actionable tips and gain the keys to business success for FREE! We’ve hand-selected over 30 industry experts that will provide you with insights into how to take your business to the next level. Want to know more? Sign up for the Keys for Business: Money, Marketing, and Profitability Summit today.

Get to know our diverse slate of business growth specialists. Learn from TED-X speakers, founders, CEOs, media moguls, Forbes Fortune 500 company leaders, and marketing specialists who have helped hundreds of folks just like you find success.

Here’s a Sneak Preview of What You’ll Learn When You Claim Your Free Ticket to the Keys for Business Summit!

Our subject matter experts share their best tips for a healthy bottom line. They discuss topics in a variety of finance areas, such as business lending, franchise law, business management, planning for the future, and more.
Learn how to adapt to changing consumer behaviors with impactful messaging and real marketing strategies. Transform your marketing efforts with real actionable advice from some of today’s top business growth experts.
We all want to run a profitable business. But it’s not always easy. A solid financial structure is critical for building and running a growing business. Explore how you can apply these insights to achieve your goals.


Donna Omoregie
Implementing Your Next Multimillion-Dollar Idea

Mariett Ramm
Cryptocurrency: The New Banking Frontier

Corrie LoGiudice
How to Reach Your Revenue Goals and Maximize Profits

Janice McLean DeLoatch
Overcome challenges of finding small business funding

Michael LeJeune
Win More Lucrative Government Contracts

Nikki Rogers
The building blocks to create a successful & profitable business

Robert Cantrell
Get Your Idea or Invention Patented and Marketed

Selena Rodgers Dickerson
Find the Funding You Need To Grow Your Business

Mitch Beinhaker
The Key Mistakes Every New Business Owner Should Avoid

Sheyenne Kreamer
Find the Most Effective Solutions to Make That Sale


Monica Wack
Branding and Marketing Made Effective for Your Business

Jacqueline Hernandez
Effective Networking to Catapult Your Success

Sherry Richard Chamblee
Use LinkedIn To Get Clients and Grow Your Business

Elizabeth Dow
Use Customer Data to Create More Effective Marketing

Gabe O’Neill
Using Online Platforms to Grow Your Network

Jon Rutenberg
How to Effectively Use Your CRM with Less Headaches

Nick Hoard
Search Engine Marketing and SEO Made Easy

Rahel Getachew
Position Your Brand In the Global Marketplace

Robin Stern
How Non-Profits Can Change The World

Todd Davis
Next Level Marketing To Prepare For The Future