Monique Garrett, Prismworks Tells Us About “Packaging” as Part of Your Brand

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Monique Garrett is an accomplished Life Sciences vendor ecosystem Marketeer!  Also, an independent consultant herself so she knows a thing or two about Branding.  In this short video she walks us through what does the term “Packaging” mean in a sales, marketing and branding capacity.  Great stuff, thank you Monique!

What Monique does all day:

Develop and execute innovative marketing strategies for growing life sciences, technology and service companies. Advise growing businesses on effective ways to maximize the marketing dollar. I bring efficient, well-managed and effective marketing capabilities to my clients.
~Crafting and implementing marketing roadmaps,
~Authoring thought leadership pieces including white papers, bylines and press releases
~Optimizing customer interactions with webinars, seminars, discussion groups and blogs
~Building sustainable customer relationships using marketing automation technologies