Real Women…Real Talks – ‘How I rewired my life’ by Sirisha Bhamidipati

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The entire world is grappling with a reboot today. The pandemic has left some of us distraught – physically, financially, emotionally. We are being forced to do much soul searching, forced to adapt to a new world with new guidelines on how we work, how we interact and how we get things done. It need a lot of rewiring.

Rewiring is hard, because one needs to accept, understand and adapt to new dimensions and constraints in life in very little time. When faced with adversities and adverse circumstances, we often ask ourselves, Do I have it in me to rewire?

Join Sirisha in a conversation where she talks about multiple times she needed to rewire herself professionally and personally, and how, each time, she emerged stronger. From being almost pronounced dead at the age of 13, losing her medical college admission, studying at IIM A, going through career shifts to find her inner calling, making hard decisions to balance life and work to being insanely optimistic and ambitious about her dreams and goals in life, her story is full of resilience, grit and never giving up. She shares with us the lessons she learnt from successes, failures and setbacks.

Sirisha is a Fulbright Scholar with a fellowship in Leadership and Management from Carnegie Melon University and is a graduate from IIM Ahmedabad. After working in the corporate world for 13 years, she now works as a Consultant and Advisor for companies and helps them build a culture aligned to strategy that will help them grow from X to 10X. She also is a coach to several CXOs. In her free time, she mentors students and professionals going through transitions.