“Scaling Your Start Up: When & How”


This call for speakers just in from member Nadia Bracken of GCP Café  

If interested please email sheila@lifescihub.com by Friday March 4 2022.

Here is an outline on the topics we are covering during the event:

  • The ENET webinar on April 5, 2022 is on that important topic of scaling your company.
  • How do you establish a business model that can scale?
  • How do you implement the scale-up of your business? …including what resources you are going to need to bring to bear to successfully commence the scale up of your business.
  • What are the inflection points? … At what level of scaleup, will you achieve an inflection point sufficient that your company might attract potential acquirers and a potential liquidity event for you and your investors.
  • How do you scale to a successful exit / liquidity event?