The Effective Statistician Podcast: How LifeSciHub Takes the Pain out of Paperwork

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Dr. Alexander Schacht is a drug development expert well known for Real World Evidence statistics.  Having spent many years honing his craft at Lilly, Boehringer Ingelheim, UCB and others Alexander left full time employment for the adventurous landscape of independent consulting and small business.  His podcast, The Effective Statistician, which just celebrated its 300th episode, explores drug development challenges and solutions in some of the most extremely thought provoking, innovation-fostering content available today.

LifeSciHub was honored to be a guest on The Effective Statistician podcast, where Alexander and Sheila Mahoney, Current Administrator of LifeSciHub, explored:

The burning question of why would anyone ever become an independent consultant, if they could work at a large pharma instead?  The independent R&D expert persona, if you will.

How “Preferred Provider” lists inadvertently cut drug sponsors off from the highest caliber talent an innovation- ie, small businesses, and result in…

…the Great Pyramid of inefficiency: Middleman Economics, and how drug sponsors are unaware of how common 100% mark ups are, and worse!

And finally, the solution:  LifeSciHub– the only Radically Transparent, Strategic Subcontracting Channel to the Small Business Drug Development Vendor Ecosystem. 

Listen to/read the podcast here:   How LifeSciHub Takes the Pain out of Paperwork